Sipoo - Mobile Himmeli

Sipoo - Mobile Himmeli


Himmelis are geometric sculptures historically made in Northern European countries. These delicate creations were made using straw from a family's crop of rye. Elaborate himmelis were hung over harvest tables during celebrations to invite fertility and abundant crops. 

My family has been making himmelis for generations. I love making and sharing my modern interpretation of this craft!

  • Size - 7" x 4.5" x 4.5"
  • Each himmeli has a 36" drop string attached.
  • Air Plants not included
  • Intended for indoor use only.
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Lumota: The Finnish word for mesmerize.

  • Each himmeli is made to order. Please allow 1-3 business days for production. 

  • This item is handmade using brass tubing and nylon string. These himmeli are finished with a labradorite bead and gold plate finishings. A 36" drop string is attached for hanging the piece. Pease indicate in comments if you require a longer drop string.

  • The brass comes in new shiny condition and will naturally darken over time developing a lovely patina.
  • Each himmeli is made by hand with the utmost care in quality and design. The nature of the himmeli is somewhat fragile, please take care not to drop or squish the himmeli as this could result in breakage.